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"...and He will renew the face of the earth"

Did you ever wonder why less than 25% of Catholics attend Mass? I mean if Jesus is present Sacramentally in every Catholic Church on every street corner (and He is) shouldn't His presence be enough to attract every person in the world to Him? This is an existential question which stems in man's rejection of the divine and can not be answered here. But Jesus did give us instructions. We are the Mystical Body of Christ and our Church is the living witness to the invisible God.

"Children Need Their Parents’ Stable Union"

"Children need their parents’ stable union." - Catechism of the Catholic Church 

Do we take the high divorce rate for granted? Are we at the point now where we are the proverbial frog who slowly boiled himself to death?

Most Antivirus Programs Can't Stop All Viruses, Malware, nor AdWare...Here's the Solution

A few years ago I had a conversation with a tech-savvy friend of mine named Tony about hidden viruses and malware on his computer. He told me how a big antivirus company who claims to "do-it-all" allowed hidden viruses and malware to infect his computer. Here's his story.