"...and He will renew the face of the earth"

Did you ever wonder why less than 25% of Catholics attend Mass? I mean if Jesus is present Sacramentally in every Catholic Church on every street corner (and He is) shouldn't His presence be enough to attract every person in the world to Him? This is an existential question which stems in man's rejection of the divine and can not be answered here. But Jesus did give us instructions. We are the Mystical Body of Christ and our Church is the living witness to the invisible God. After being strengthened by the Sacraments, we are called to go out into the world and preach the Good News (taken from Mark 16:15). Remember, the only thing evil needs to thrive is for good people to do nothing. 

But how are we supposed to preach the Good News if we don't know the Good News? Now, don't get me wrong, we have many very fine and excellent bishops, priests and deacons who are preaching God's word and doing God's work, many times unto white (and red) martyrdom. But I hear many Catholics complain that they grow weary of hearing warm and fuzzy homilies which tell them that "God loves them" in an "I'm OK/You're OK" type of philosophy. While we certainly need to know at our core that God loves us, this is really the beginning. There is a deep thirst inside of us to be armed and protected with the truth, sacramentally and intellectually. This leads to develop a prayeful action plan. Our spirits call out Abba, Father! (taken from Galatians 4:6) and this calling can not be satiated with created things. We are called to spread the Good News (see Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus sends the Church to baptize and to make disciples of all nations (Mt 28:19). Also see CCC 1-3. 

Parents say all of the time that they don't know how to address such issues as "chastity", "homosexuality", "abortion", and "contraception" with their children. Many Catholics do not understand their culpability with regards to voting, living together before marriage, or the spiritual consequences of pre-marital sex (let alone the physical). If we continue to live in unrepentent sin we become less human and less able to hear God's voice. In the meantime, our children are falling prey to dark images and fallen "lifestyles" around every turn. Whether it is coming from your T.V., the news, Hollywood, the Internet, or our schools, if we are not dilligent, our children will be seduced into believing the lies and fall away from our beloved Church. The solution is to confront the Culture of Death head on by catechizing the faithful in a systematic and universal way right from the pulpit so priests and deacons can arm Catholics in the pews to give their families a fighting chance. 

That brings us to an exremely important initiative called "We Want To Teach! We Want To Be Taught!"

Our Church has "the largest media outlet in the world!" (Msgr. Philip J. Reilly, Founder "We Want To Teach! We Want To Be Taught!"). Imagine if at every Mass in Ordinary Time while we were being fed sacramentally we were also being fed the official teachings of the Church! That is excatly what this initiative is calling for. Pope Paul VI gave us Vatican II, Pope John Paul II gave us the Catechism, Pope Benedict XVI gave us the Compendium to the Catechism and this initiative is asking Pope Francis to grant us a Catechetical Lectionary. The Catechetcial Lectionary would contain Scripture readings for 26 weeks in Ordinary Time based on topics in the Compendium and the Catechism! Our world is thirsting for the truth and most times our brothers and sisters are settling for only a small fraction of what our good Lord wants to bestow upon them.  

There is already a groundswell of response to this initiative. In a very short amount of time Catholics from nearly 1700 parishes worldwide have signed up on the website from all 50 states in the United States, and from 46 countries! A letter was sent to Pope Francis, to many Bishops and Cardinals and most recently to Cardinal Sarah, new Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship. We heard back from Pope Francis' Secretary of State who said we can promote "We Want To Teach! We Want To Be Taught!". Equally important, lay people and seminarians are thirsting for this program as you can tell by the Our Voices page on the website. 

Interestingly, the Vatican has just announced that they are giving tips on how to prepare homilies tying in the Catechism. Now what they propose is a certain kind of help but in all reality this has been around for years. It is also not going to be fully effective because the cart is still before the horse.

We NEED the Catechetical Lectionary. Imagine how informed Catholics could renew the face of the earth!  

If you agree, please sign up on Our Voices page and spread this news far and wide! 

Lean more at www.WeWantToBeTaught.com